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Language Interview Preparation

Family Visa Language Interview Preparation with Foreign qualified instructors

Danish for Skillworker

Admission open for Skill workers to learn Danish from A1 to C2 level for Danish Green Card Scheme

Admission Open

Admission open for scholarship or non scholarship study visa Italy Germany Norway Romania Hungary and European Cyprus


Aadmission open for Norwegian Germen-Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish

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Study Visa
Nurses require for Norway
Successfull Work Visa
Italy Scholarship
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Welcome to the SOLP institute of modern languages

Welcome to the SOLP institute of modern languages. Spectrum Occidental Languages Promoters (SOLP) a revolutionary languages learning institute which exists to facilitate the scholarly exploration of the Scandinavian and central European languages. This is the first and only institute in Pakistan which offers the three (fundamental--professional & advanced )languages courses of Norwegian ,Swedish,Danish,Germen ,Dutch, French,Spanish ,Italian Greek and most comprehensive translation and interpreting service. Director of the institute Mr.Zaigham Janjua is 10 Scandinavian and central European languages expert foreign qualified translator /interpreter having a plentiful experience of native speaking of the related countries . The objective of the director is to get a rewarding career in homeland with a dynamic organization that allows professional growth to the knowledge of all the students, creativity commitment to work and prosper with an opportunity to grow experience.

All the staff members on the platform of SOLP institute are enlighteners to the candles of knowledge extremely, and they are always ready to decrease any obfuscation of the students to learn the desired language.

In the digital lab visual effects and dactylogi help the student to realize him/her to be in the native environment. Special methods of teachings with condescension which are being applied on even under matriculation students differ the SOLP institute in whole country when the result is announced for any language conventionally.