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Family Visa Language Interview Preparation with Foreign qualified instructors

Danish for Skillworker

Admission open for Skill workers to learn Danish from A1 to C2 level for Danish Green Card Scheme

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Admission open for scholarship or non scholarship study visa Italy Germany Norway Romania Hungary and European Cyprus


Aadmission open for Norwegian Germen-Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish

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English Language Course


SOLP INSTITUTE feels infinite pleasure to acquire stunning applause and advertency to provide a comprehensive suite of English language program through our specially designed series of English language learning books that help students / learners. Backed by years of research, our program supports teachers & decision makers & help individuals achieve academic, business and personal success with English language proficiency.

SOLP caters the needs of individuals with superb range of English Language course, excellent environment & most professional care possible. We offer course to suit everyone’s need from initial level to advanced such as Pre-Foundation, Foundation, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, S.L.E, IELTS & teacher training workshops. Apart from IELTS & Advance courses duration of all courses is 3 hours a day. In which students learn Grammar, Conversation and Audio-Visual sections for better understanding and improving accent. SOLP staff is catering the courses so deeply by offering English language course using an audio visual technology and head phone system. Audio Visual classes are equipped separate headphone & course is specially designed to fulfill the quest of students.

In order to take admission in SOLP a student first needs to take a computerized placement test so that he/ she can be enrolled in suitable level offered. All the classes are always under closed circuit camera vigilance which not only restricts students to focus on studies but also to keep a check & balance system Performance and attendance of each and every student is always observed strictly. In case of absence from Centre in any hour parents are informed promptly via SMS alert. We offer small class strength because we believe in individual attention. Duration of each course is 3 hrs a day, 5 days a week & 3 months. At the end of each month performance of every student is tested by carefully designed tests and Power Point Presentation. All the tests are conducted on computers so that students can analyze their results then & there. We also have SMS alert system to keep parents well informed about their child’s performance & attendance so that our education system can be ascended . The Director helps teachers teach, students learn and parents measure the educational and intellectual progress of their children.

Summer camp and Junior English Language courses are also offered for school children in their summer vacations. We also offer career counseling services to anyone who wants to continue his/her further education abroad. We have extensive material for IELTS all of which is prepared by our very experienced teachers. We also arrange multimedia workshops for our students as well as for our teachers which help them further in their career or academics.

We have highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers to help learners overcome their problems successfully. SOLP is more than just a name. It started nearly decade ago with unrivalled experience and solid achievements in the field of English language. Our mission is to advance the quality & equity in language learning by providing fair and valid assessments. Thousands of students have benefitted from our offered courses in All mentioned languages including English.