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Language Interview Preparation

Family Visa Language Interview Preparation with Foreign qualified instructors

Danish for Skillworker

Admission open for Skill workers to learn Danish from A1 to C2 level for Danish Green Card Scheme

Admission Open

Admission open for scholarship or non scholarship study visa Italy Germany Norway Romania Hungary and European Cyprus


Aadmission open for Norwegian Germen-Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish

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Nurses require for Norway
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Zaigham Janjua

Zaigham Janjua Zaigham Janjua is 10 Scandinavian and central European languages expert foreign qualified translator /interpreter having a plentiful experience of native speaking of the related countries . The objective of the director is to get a rewarding career in homeland with a dynamic organization that allows professional growth to the knowledge of all the students, creativity commitment to work and prosper with an opportunity to grow experience.

Mrs.Ujala Yasir

Mrs.Ujala Yasir Mrs.Ujala Yasir has invaluable substantiality in staff members of SOLP by procuring  her estimable proficiencies. She has proved  several times her dynamic experience by obtaining stunning applause in many German and French examination held by their official examination centers. Even over age and low educated students are deducing their rewarding careers in limited time. One of her ickle exploit is rebuilt the broken intentions of any student who have been through many other institutes  and has wasted his/her time and potential.SOLP team feels incredible assuagement to have such invaluable gems with them.    

Mrs Kiren Rashid

Mrs Kiren Rashid Mrs.Kren Rashid(Advocate) working for SOLP (Institute of Modern Languages) as leagel adviser having enormous experience in Immigration applications appeals.  

Mr.Aisha munir

Mr.Aisha munir
Mrs.Aisha munir have full command on four skills of practical German and intermediate ITALIAN.With dynamic contribution of Director he has propelled hundred of  students towards an enthusiasticall  refulgence and 
has gotten awards and regards by obtaining the
 paradoxically results.

Mr.Mehmood Amir

Mr.Mehmood Amir Mr. Mehmood Amir is expert in Computing and networking. Experienced Specialist in IT field working for SOLP INSTITUTE as Networking and Lab operator have more than 10 hands in a time to procure an Ideal service to Learner gives a confidence and satisfactions to learn the second Language revolutionary.      

Mr Zohaib Asif

Mr Zohaib Asif Mr Zohaib ASIF(Frankfurt ,Germany)working with SOLP revolutionary platform for European immigration in counseling field.he has extremely experience to consult the student  topics of all kinds and with the contributions of SOLP institute, enormous facilities and the best services for European study visa are being provided to the students including study exchange programes ,scholarships etc.

Mr. Tahir Shabeer

Mr. Tahir Shabeer
Mr. Tahir Shabeer  enlightener and  enthusiast person, an essential staff member having the responsibilities of Finance secretary of SOLP.Director of the institute feels proud to have such brilliant enormous responsible and essential gem to control the total incoming and
outgoing finance of the institute.