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Language Interview Preparation

Family Visa Language Interview Preparation with Foreign qualified instructors

Danish for Skillworker

Admission open for Skill workers to learn Danish from A1 to C2 level for Danish Green Card Scheme

Admission Open

Admission open for scholarship or non scholarship study visa Italy Germany Norway Romania Hungary and European Cyprus


Aadmission open for Norwegian Germen-Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish

Wonderful Abilities
Study Visa
Nurses require for Norway
Successfull Work Visa
Italy Scholarship
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HOME Languages TOEFL

To appear in TOEFL test one special course is available in SOLP institute. The student who would like to achieve maximum score in IELTS test ,a special English improving course is being taught according to new syllabus and exactly American native speaking by the director of the institute who has real experience of American native speaking.

The student who has visited through SOLP he feels really consistency in his speaking skills and confidence in his personality by speaking fluent and accurate English even there where he is in the whole world.

For further details visit SOLP institute of modern languages